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Svatební agentura K&P

Wedding banquet on the waves of the Vltava River

Are you longing for a unique experience? We will arrange an imposing wedding banquet for you on this important day on board one of our boats in Prague. Your wedding reception on a steamboat will become an unforgettable and unique part of your wedding day.
Svatební stůl na parníku Hamburg
Have you just got married and wish to enjoy a wedding reception with your relatives and friends in a private and pleasant atmosphere? A wedding banquet on a boat is the best way to do so. Accompanied by the recorded or live music of your choice, you will sail through the centre of Prague on board one of our boats, enjoy a view of Prague Castle, Prague’s many bridges, and other Prague gems. You can make a toast under Charles Bridge and enjoy a celebratory lunch or dinner in such a unique atmosphere while sailing along the Vltava River. Of course, we will arrange flower decorations on the boat. Wedding photographs taken from the deck against the backdrop of Prague will immortalise those unforgettable moments. We will be pleased to arrange to have your wedding guests driven home after the voyage from the dock.

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Please, write us your idea about the wedding banquet. Our consultants will contact you with all details and send you the individual offer according to your needs. The demand is non-committal. Please, check your cell phone number and e-mail address if it is correct.

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